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This post is inspired by @wakeupkittу

What does today mean to me? Not much. Just another day in a chain of many. Let me explain.
I participate in a site where people write stories for a contest. Thus, I am trying to put in at least two hours every day to get the story ready in time.

The total time was around one month for a story of about 2000 words. However, the topic was quite complex. Complex to even imagine, wrap your mind around it, and establish your own attitude toward it. And yet, after two weeks of working on this story, and showing it to my son, I found out about the defect that made it not workable in terms of bridging composition to the idea.

Thus, I had to cast the entire almost completely written story, stop the torrent of emotional inertia and start over as a clean slate. So you see my existence is not tied down to a specific physical day, but to a specific train of thoughts, to the push I must give to my imagination in living within different circumstances, and if possible within the minds of other people.

And so…I try to wake up early because it is just about the only quiet time I have for writing and I wrote about two hours. Then I went for my daily walk.

First, I water my plants. That’s my avocado tree. I grow it from a seed. Yesterday, it was really hot and I had to cover it from the direct sunlight, or it would die, like my other two avocado trees.

Here how it looks without the cover.

I also watered my lemon tree

and persimmon tree.

I don’t have to water it as its roots a deep and powerful. But I did it anyway, just as due diligence.

Then I went for a walk. Burbank is pretty this time of the year. It actually always pretty. Lots of flowers.

Loquat is ripe.

The weather today is just perfect.

Came home and now started working. I like my work. It’s like solving puzzles all day long and then you actually are getting paid for it.

Here is a sample of how my program looks from the inside.

I don’t work all the time. I stop and go to the kitchen to eat, or watch some video clip professional or just for entertainment. That’s how all-day passes.

In the evening, I look through the mail, answer letters, write emails, or pay bills.

Then I relax and usually watch some sports. I like track and field running events, but also jumping or soccer.

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You can read that you are very busy. I like your plants, you can tell you take care of them and that is beautiful. Who takes care of nature also takes care of his life.

You have my vote and resteem.

Thank you so much! I will tell my plants about you and am sure they will join me in my thankfullness.

That's very nice and thank you. I think if they talk to each other from a distance they can communicate with my plants and they will know that we love nature.

My plants will contact yours on PLANTER )

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