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Hi @ all the good CC Users and Commenters,

it is just to let you see, the project goes on and we spectate it every day for check it works on!

We need some time (not day´s, weeks, moths are better), to make it better and grow on.
But this is, what we do tell you for longer (since start) now.

If you get a issue, please send us a link or a screenshot, to make it clear, witch transaction does not run for you!

We have a service time from more than a few minutes, sometimes you should wait a few day´s, normaly i or a other team member does answer in intervalls.

For the moment, the project is in a good status for us. It works for us.

Thank you all for the CC Hashtags, supporting us


have a nice and interessting comment time.




Ich vertraue euch beiden voll und ganz aber die Hand lege ich für euch nicht ins Feuer;-)


Danke für dein Vertrauen. Natürlich bin ich etwas nachlässig derzeit, aber das hat nichts mit dem Steem zu tun und es wird auch wieder bessere Zeiten geben. Ich sehe fast jeden Tag nach, ob das Project funktioniert oder missbraucht wird. Das ist im ersten Teil der Fall und im zweiten ist es bisher wieder ruhig.

Auch Kristall hat zu tun und den Winter über bleibt es bei diesem Status, zu sehen, ob alles gut läuft. Weiterentwickelt wird es, wenn die Zeit und Muse dazu kommt. An sich kann man über das Gesamtbild nicht meckern.

Der Hashtag wird stündlich genutzt, die Commentare belohnt und Ausfälle sind so gering, dass ich sie nicht mal finden kann, wenn ich sie suche. Deswegen die Bitte an Euch, uns den genauen Verlauf zu schicken.

Deine Hand kannst du aus dem Feuer behalten. :-) Das braucht es nicht, denn es brennt nichts. :-)
Liebe Grüße und danke noch einmal persönlich an dich für deine Unterstützung. Die Buy Orders fülle ich immer wieder nach wie man sehen kann.
Habt ein schönes WE ihr beiden.

Schön etwas von dir zu lesen! Schönes Wochenende !BEER

Hey @alucian, here is a little bit of BEER from @kadna for you. Enjoy it!

CC is working well for me! Are you using a translator for your English posts?

I found posts from you where the tag was not activated! After I wrote my article a part was but yesterday as I followed the #cc I still found tags used and not activated/no message from the bot.
So far I shared the links. That is all I will do for now and in the future.

I do not know where you check the results? You said once I owned 5000 commentcoin and I never had them.

I am happy the hot works again. 👍

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I think they still have a few bugs to work out. That is not surprising for a new token. It is a brilliant idea and I expect they will get it running smoothly.

I'm not sure what you mean about checking results. You can see all your tokens in your Steem-Engine wallet, right?

@melinda010100 I am not saying there are no bugs and it is not a lot of work. I am also not saying this is not a great project. I promoted it wherever I could and invested many hours in explaining how it works to many.

What I discovered was that the tag was not activated at any post I read, following the #cc tag, and I mentioned it. At first I thought I was the only one and I was banned.
I shared this info, asked if it can be caused by steem(it) or the blockchain since the steemit wallet history did not work either. The only answers I got was none or that I lie.
I noticed several of your posts the tag was not activated either so this means the hot does not work good/well. There is nothing wrong with admitting that. If you do not notice it you can not fix it either if it is caused by the hot at all.

You wrote me once I had 5000 commentcoin you a bit less. What I did with it, how I used it. I answered that I do not have 5000 commentcoin but around 1000 and use them as a prize for (by now) two contests. I still promote it, I visit people who use it and comment so they at least have one comment. Many have no comment at all and that is not positive for promoting this token and make people buy it. It is the same with my posts. I do have enough with not one single comment although I used the tag. Perhaps it sounds strange to you to follow the tag and comment everyone and translate Italian, Dpanish, Chinese but this is to my opinion the only way to promote this token and make people invest in it.
You will not invest in a token that brings you nothing and will stop in two years time. You do this to be noticed, to make contact with other Steemians.

I know where to see how many tokens I have but I like to know where you saw I had 5000.

I wish you a great day 💕

Wow! You are doing a great job promoting cc. I will follow your example and comment more on those using the tag.
I am sorry that I made an error with how many cc you have. I probably saw a comment on a post from their bot and remembered it wrong.

@melinda010100 Oh that doesn't matter. I thought you knew an other way to figure things out. I am not such a smart kid and manage with the basics.

I don't know an other way to promote #cc as commenting those who use it. If it brings nothing extra there is no need to buy. I can only read 8-10posts because not more loads but if I do it daily I saw them all.

I am happy those I asked use it and that is why it should work too. New users keep checking and asking. Happy day and commenting. ❤️

The only way I know to see my Tokens is in my SteemEngine wallet.

@melinda010100 I guess that is the only way then. Thank you and a happy day ❤️

Good it works again. I sent you about 20 links where commentcoin did not activate. Mainly from the same days. A part was activated later, way later.

It is useless to activate one or two days later most comments will be received within one day or half a day. This means there is no payout to the commentors.

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Hola. Yo pasé varios días sin que se active la etiqueta en ninguna publicación. Y tampoco se contó mis comentarios. Luego de 4 días, de repente comenzó a funcionar de nuevo.
Ayer publiqué de nuevo y hasta hoy, en esa publicación no se activó la etiqueta. Espero que poco a poco se solucionen esas situaciones. Gracias por responder.
Es esta publicación lo puede ver.

Hi. I spent several days without activating the label in any publication. And my comments were not told either. After 4 days, it suddenly started working again.
Yesterday I published again and until today, the label was not activated in that publication. I hope that these situations are gradually resolved. Thanks for answering.
It is this publication you can see.

I haven't been aware of this token and tag for very long, but it's worked for me so far without issue.

@justinparke The problem found was about one week ago. We are happy to hear it works for you. Greetings @wakeupkitty

Bestes Projekt ever!!!!

Hey @commentcoin, here is a little bit of BEER from @rentmoney for you. Enjoy it!

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