The CC price makes a solid x 3 since the official start. <6000 comments rewarded from the CC-Project. SP-Delegations searched.steemCreated with Sketch.

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Hi @ all Steemians and CC Lovers,

you read the main facts above this words, if you do not have the time to read some details.

The CC Project is running very well and serious. It looks like Steemians love to use the #CC.

Our offer to bigger investors to get a chance for buying in High regulatet CC at better prices was not heared.
That is Ok and what we looked for, but for the future, we do not make a offer like this kind again!

Buy it like everyone on the market, but take a look for the time ;-)

I (@alucian) pay now more Steem, for that we need. There are a lot of Steem, work and time from us(CC Team) invested for this Project. Do not forget, we do not work for Profit!!! It is just to get more comments on the Steem. The CC Project is a high a chaos looking system. That is ok, but not the real point. It looks like not good from outside, but it works perfect for his time in the inner circle.

If you take some time to look above this project and all his parameters, you can see there are a lot of details, we do not can all talk about. There are too much of it. But in the End, the start was very nice in my personal opinion. Now we have thousands of users, every! hours a article with the CC Hashtag and a lot of good worked comments.

Since yesterday our RC Power is down, becouse you wrote to much. :-)

Please delegate us some SP. Little is better than nothing... You all will participate from it, if the project does his job.
Use the made from @steemchiller to delegate (and more) on the chilling way.
Every single Steem, our team is not invest personaly for finance this project, is a Steem who can be used for you and the community.

  • We vote the CC Users... That is a double win, with a perfect Vote-Circle if every Steemian is a CC User one day. ;-)

The Market is solid and serious growed without "manipulations". The bigger CC holders are mostly true high ranked and future invested Steemians, who are not selling to much CC. They are the solid Base of this Project!
We say specialised to them:


For now, the Point is clear. If you are intelligent enought, you can see, we do our work slowly and ugly, but also true and functionable. It is not a question how a thing does look like... So why my english is a bad ones. You understand me, that is the fact, who is important. The CC project does his job too.

Yours is, to understand why it is beeing needed, read about it and know how easy it is to use the service.

If we do not write you back in the same moment you post your answer, it can be, we have to do something other... Motivate the CC-Team for more hard work, looks like a good way. ;-) But we do not beg for it. It is just a little tip from us. What comes around, goes around.

I close with:
Do not be greedy to much on getting a reward of our service!!! I see the first candidates, who need a little warning.
Think for the other Steemians too. If you be greedy to much, we have way´s to make them a end. In the moment you demage just my and our wallet and work, but in some month, you demage the steem itself with doing bad actions on the CC-Project...

For all true Users...

Thank you very much for being a part of this problem solving act.

Have a lot of fun @ commenting other one.

Your CC-Team:
@kristall97 [(Code-Designer)]
@alucian [(Project-Designer)]
@wakeupkitty [(Comment-Designer)]
@balte [(Investment-Designer)]

New Logo made by @steemchiller


me think of an idea
such as
Same one day
The second CC tag used, the holding amount is *2
The third CC tag used, the holding amount is *3
The 4th CC tag used, the holding amount is *4

[@alucian] THIS is a very good idea!!!!

I will talk about it with @kristall97 to implement it. Thank you very much for your perfect input!!!
That is worth for a little gift i think. :-)

This modification should not be difficult.
Most coins have a counting function.
As for how to calculate, it is need discussion.
My number is just an example:

I think maybe have to consider this aspect,
every CC members,
How many articles would be published every day?
How many of his articles use this tag?
How many people would respond the member ?
There are quite a few factors to consider...

To get a overview of this project, i need a lot of time of spectating it. Nobody is able to see all on a thing. Just god alone. I work with my experience and feeling how to handle this baby and it works. We take a look to implement a border to use the tag daily for times he is more used.
We need a better/saved buy in for the system. I think the plan goes on, that the bigger accounts are the giver and the smaler the worker.
Thank you for your input again.
Steem On!

@cloudblade thank you for your remark @alucian will answer you. greetings @wakeupkitty

Good to see cc group growing! Yey! 😊😊 keep up the good work!

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[CC] Yes, we worked since 3 Month on this Project. I think it growes slowly but very very nice. Perfect time to solve problems on the steem. All unbelivable Users are out and just good Steemians are in the market. The perfekt Community Time. We will miss this moments in the future. :-)

@iamraincrystal We are happy with it too. Thank you for your support. Greetings @wakeupkitty

Hope you get some great delegations! I think this is such a wonderful project!

Yes we get some. Every Delegation is great. If it is small it is better than no ones. :-)
Thank you so much for being one of our biggest users. We keep up the work.
Have a nice day.

I hope I have introduced cc to lots of new people!

I am sure you do that!
The usecase is here, now we let the users like to show nothing in life is just a way one ticket/street. You and a few other ones are a good example for looking forward and help projects on the steem with not just saying thanks for giving.

It is not the money why you post. From beginig my own working here, i see you commenting other ones and have fun on writing. This is why we should be here, not just for the money, the money is coming after the work and should never be the main goal. If we had just users like you, we did not need this kind of projects to make it for a better place. But this is not the mainstream view today.

I say now you be a serious stake holder of CC and send you 1 million CC to be a part of the decentralising of the project. The goal of 33 Million CC supply is reached after the next and last burning.

@wakeupkitty and you did the most real work for the cc project after kristall and me in my view. That is what i hope to see more in the future from bigger steemians like you. But who comes first, get first.

Thank you for being a awesome steemspirit and keep on with it.
Have a nice day.

HolyMoly! Does that translate? It means WOW! 1 million. That is rather astonishing. I am honored by your kind words and by the Tokens. I love being a CC whale! 😊🐳

:-) You deserved it with all your work on the steem.

@melinda010100 We hope so too. For now it is just from the little circle. It would be good if we could give a good upvote too. Happy weekend. greetings @wakeupkitty

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@ironshield Thank you we appreciate it. Happy weekend. greetings @wakeupkitty

Saludos. ¿cualquiera puede delegar? si es así puedo tratar de delegar un poco.
Estoy usando a #CC en mis comentarios. Gracias.

@gertu Por el momento no podemos delegar SP. Somos demasiado pequeños para hacerlo. Esperamos recibir SP nosotros mismos para poder dar un mejor voto positivo. Esperemos que alguien lea esto y esté dispuesto a echarte una mano. @wakeupkitty

Es eso, lo que quise decir. Si nosotros los pequeños podemos delegar a ustedes.? De poco a poco, se hace mucho.

[@alucian] Eres demasiado pequeño, así que por favor no delegues en nosotros. Pequeño es con nosotros cuando tienes 500 SP arriba, eres un pequeño plancton y el plancton está protegido y traído para crecer con nuestro proyecto. Muchas gracias por su compromiso y por querer formar parte del proyecto.
muy atentamente
sasha :-)

[@alucian] Denkt er das?^^ Das ist nett, Dankeschön. :-)

Schön zu sehen, dass es läuft und wohl sehr begehrt ist. :)
!BEER, !trdo und !invest_vote


It's a nice post and happy to see you growing.

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[@alucian] Thx. In the exactly point of view, we goes down. Or better our wallet amount is go down to fast, becouse to much Steemians just buy a little amount of the CC and use the tag very often.
Looks like we should increase the limit to use the service faster and higher to get a good balance of sell and buy orders. That is what me makes not happy to see, but i calculated with this human being fact. :-/
For all other, we grow very good and extremly fast.

Peoples like to reward other from our wallet. :-)

Salve and happy commenting other ones.

@guurry123 Thank you very much. We are happy you support us. Greetings @wakeupkitty

Wonderful news, keep up the great work!

[@alucian] With up and downs we will do that. :-) Thank you.

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