[@kristall97] It will continue!

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Hello dear CC users,
unfortunately @alucian is currently and for a longer time prevented and therefore not very active in the Steem Blockchain.
I just assume now that he will find little or no time for CC.

I @kristall97 now stand alone with the main activities for the CommentCoin.

But I already have a lot of things planned and I will continue the CommentCoin and the CC project!

For now I have to say that many things, updates and projects will be postponed.
I will try to answer every criticism and every question.

Concluding words:
It will continue as usual with the CC project!

The whole CommentCoin team wishes you a Merry Christmas!


I currently have 14 cc. I am working on staking but have no option to do so with this coin. Why was this done, was this intentional?

We do not have a plan for staking the CC Coins. The Coins should be used active and not for stay just in the wallet to be more and more.

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Thanks for the heads-up... I only learned of this project yesterday and it sounds cool and has potential. Would hate for it to end so soon... so good luck running things on your own.

We just started. Start following the #cc tag and get rewarded for it plus you meet new people too. Good luck @braaiboy.

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It will continue as usual with the CC project!

Good news! I like your project :)

Take a break a bit too, so do many. You know I can count on me.

I think the criticism can be better seen as notes, things who might go hand in hand. Merry Christmas. 💕

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Merry Christmas to all CC people!

Merry Christmas too! 😊😊 have a meaningful celebration!

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So still will continue...
but, It seems that the number of supervisors has decreased.

They started with two and there is still @kristall97 and me.
It is not an easy job and takes a lot of time next to a common job.
The idea is to comment more and be visable. I wish more people would not only use the tag but also comment other users. It is what I do daily.

Merry days my friend. 💕

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Merry xmas and good luck with the project!

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Merry xmas and thank you :)

Merry Christmas to you too.

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@kristall97 wrote it right, my access and time to the CC project and steem is not good enough this time, but I try to come back for it, because both of it is not just a one day fly in my life. I hope you all insane CC users do understand my just personal mistake and you forgive me. I wish you all a good time and a happy new year. Salve and thank you. Special to @kristall97, @wakeupkitty and @melinda0101

Es wird weiter gehen und du wirst auch wieder zum Projekt kommen :)
Auch habe ich neue "Überwachungen" eingerichtet, sobald irgendetwas mit dem Bot oder so nicht stimmt, bekomme ich eine Nachricht ;)
Bis jetzt gab es keine Fehler - Alles gut :)

Sehr cool, ja es geht schon wieder aufwärts, am WE kann ich mal richtig online kommen, habe nen Laptop dabei, darf ihn aber auf Station nicht nutzen, nur in der kalten Eingangshalle. Vielleicht treffen wir uns auch eine Runde im Discord? Dann sehen ich mir auch alles noch einmal genauer an und bringe mich auf den aktuellen Stand. Soweit Danke ich dir für dein Engagement und freue mich auf andere Zeiten.

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What personal mistake? You did your best, worked very hard and now it is time to take a break. Nothing wrong with that. 💕

Sending you hugs! We will be here when you come back.

Moin moin hatte dir gerade auf dem neuesten Blog von dir geantwortet. Und habe danach diesen hier gelesen. Brauchst du denn Hilfe? Das hört sich für mich so an als ob es im Moment gar keine Kommunikation gibt zwischen dem Team, oder ehemaligen Team. Ganz liebe Grüße Michael

@mima2606 It is hard to communicate if there is no response. Greetings @wakeupkitty

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