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This archive series represents a compilation of apps, dapps, practices, companies, resources, and communities that pertain to creativity in the blockchain space. Each entry contains the entity’s relevant information and links to learn more.


Description: DADA is an online visual platform where people talk to each other through drawings. Our mission is to empower artists and to make art and creative collaboration accessible to everyone.

DADA was envisioned with the goal of creating a vibrant creative community where artists can share their individual visions and connect with each other for the common good.

DADA is much more than a showcase or a social network for artists. It is a space where artists can have visual conversations, play, explore, inspire, get inspiration and, eventually, gain more individual and collective power.

Draw on our sketchpad and someone from around the world can reply to you with a drawing of their own. Start a story, send someone a message, have a conversation, meet and draw with other artists. Fun!

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Blockchain: Ethereum
Category: Platform


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