CBNT Blog Platform - New Accounts Receive 3,000 CBNT - Listed on Bibox already!

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The Create Breaking News Together website is finally live and open for public mining! You can now finally create an account and start mining CBNT tokens. Create Breaking News Together functions in a similar way as Steemit. However, we will have the added benefits of monetized advertising which the benefits will be returned back to users.
Register for 3,000 Free CBNT:
Qualified Referrals receive over 20,000 CBNT!

You can mine CBNT Tokens in the Following Ways:
• Writing Content
• Writing Comments
• Giving Likes
• Referring Friends


The platform is still new and already has being traded on bibox exchange. So this was your opportunities to get some CBNTs token for free with mining it earlier. In steemit the day for it to mining is already gone a long time ago but this is your second chance to get CBNTs token and hodl it for a long term goal. If you believed this blog platform can get big like steemit so do not lose this chance and try for yourself now!