Want To Try CBD Products? TopNetworkersGroup Does

in #cbd2 years ago

Real quick, it's not possible for me to truly announce a partnership with TopNetworkersGroup and a CBD Product based opportunity, without addressing something. A while ago, I spoke against Kannaway, which is another company that sells CBD products. However, I never had an issue with the product, just the business model.

This NEW opportunity, fits better with my philosophy on building networks.


*Update :: Due to haters, this video was pulled down; Still trying to find out what happened; I got no notification in my email ....

Wrote about this over on the official blog ::

"I recently experienced a very mysterious Removal of my Youtube Video, and am still in that experience now. I usually get an email or a notification about videos being taken down. This time was different, as a video I made about my reasons to align with CTFO (and not Kannaway) has disappeared. It’s quite embarrassing as I already wrote about my reasons over on Steemit. I sent an email out to my trusted list of business contacts. Sorta makes me look like I don’t have all my stuff together, when I’m the most together there is.

I can only take a wild guess that people from Kannaway are behind it."