Don't gamble with your health, only buy supplements that have been Tested!

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According to an investigation by the New York State attorney general’s office* into store-brand supplements at four national retailers do not contain the herbs shown on their labels and many of which included potential allergens not identified in the ingredients list. 😲⠀

Some experts believe as much as half the cannabis being grown in California is contaminated with potentially dangerous chemicals or bacteria. "Pesticides are one of the things, but there are a variety of pathogenic molds and fungus that can also grow on cannabis. it can be dangerous to human beings, especially people who have compromised immune systems." - Steve DeAngelo.**⠀

In a space like this where there is very little regulation, it is truly up to the consumer to do research into a company before putting down their hard earned money.⠀
At Kannaway ALL or our CBD Products are independent lab tested 3 different times to ensure that you get the Quality, Purity, and Potency that you are paying for! GUARANTEED!⠀

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