HEMPWORK 500 cbd peppermint review.

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Hey look what showed up! my cbd tincture is in and I'm going to do a very small review on what I think.
First of all this product contains no thc. A very herbal substance. CBD is derived from hemp crystaline. This particular product came in peppermint flavor. Although strong by itself I did take about 10 drops of it at first. It has a very grassy green taste to it and thick. If you can get over that the benefits are amazing. within minutes of consuming it I felt a very calm relaxing feeling. It's like drinking a beer without drinking a beer. The no thc thing at first made me kind of not care at first but once you realize it's all part of the female marijuana plant it kind of changes your mind. CBD kicks ass and has been proven to work by independent researchers. Still it is not endorsed by the FDA. Why? Probably because it's a natural known remedy and big pharma doesn't want to endorse something they can't say is theres. On the back it says it's a dietary supplement and to take a full dropper. After writing this I think I'm going to try it in my coffee.

Also did you know cbd is only one of 85 cannabanoids in the hemp plant? Crazy I know. They extract the cbd using some kind of method I don't know. What I do know that it is 100% pure cbd for anything you choose to use it for. Given what this product is I give it a score of 10/10 I cannot complain what this substance is and givin the history of cbd these bottles are expensive. This one costs around $70 just by itself and the effects are amazing. Definitely going to have to get more after this is gone.

Would you also believe cannabanoids came up misspelled when writing this and there isn't even cannabanoids in the dictionary on here to spellcheck it. Makes you wonder. hmmm... Not much support for cbd use. Originally not even from me a thc advocate and definite supporter.


This is a great CBD product review! Thanks for sharing.

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