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If so, you're on the right Steemit post. I am part business owner of My Nutraceuticals. They sell edible hemp paste that legitimately has legal, federal, nationwide in the US, at this time THC levels which is <.03 and it has .024. I was drug tested on it before for employment and didn't fail the test.
The paste that is to be taken orally or sublingually & has the following primary beneficial effects:

This paste helps the following symptoms:
Pain relief
Reduction in blood sugar levels
Seizures and convulsions
Immune system support
Nausea and vomiting
Inhibits cancer cell growth
Reduces risk of artery blockage
Slows bacteria growth
Muscle spasms
Cardiovascular health
Skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne
PTSD symptom relief
Bone growth
Antibacterial and antioxidant

This stuff is no joke. As for taste most tell me it has a nutty taste. However, it is simply a hemp plant boiled down via My Nutra's own proprietary, natural, organic, non GMO process.

The topical cream My Nutra makes is fantastic for all sorts of ailments. Don't put in a deep wound though, seek medical attention. :)

They also sell hemp coffee, which is to die for, canna chocolates in milk and (dark my favorite). We also have Canna Doggy and Kitty. Don't take your pets to the vet for depression or anxiety, this is the BEST for those issues & has really helped my cat through a depression from my other cat passing away.

Please consider purchasing some of these products. There's samples of everything at a reasonable rate so you can ascertain if you wish to purchase a larger quantity or not. We carry a PLETHORA of vitamins and other herbal supplements as well. Here's the link:
Just scroll down to where it says store and see all our awesome products.

If you choose to buy, please, please, please use my rep number #102974 at checkout. I'd sincerely appreciate it! Please ask me any questions below or comments., I'd be happy to answer!

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Very cool! Are you part owner of this business? Do you distribute online? Can you buy it with Steem? No teasing here, I'm being serious. If you haven't heard about @homesteaderscoop, check them out here, or on their webiste.

Hi old friend, my nutra currently accepts fiat only. And yes I am part owner. We are about to have a BUNCH of changes that the upper management has not yet shared with the part business owners. Hopefully those changes include crypto payment but I don't know yet