[CB] Exposes Itself, Stealth Moves Bring Down The [CB] System - Episode 1961a

in cb •  16 days ago 

Boris Johnson is now battling the elite and the [CB], they are now doing everything they possibly can to stop the BREXIT. There true intentions are exposed, they never wanted the BREXIT to happen. Trump says BJ can handle these people. The patriots have used stealth to outmaneuver and outsmart the [CB], they have the [CB] exactly where they want them, exposed.

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Thanks again, Dave. I hope they have a good Plan B.

Thanks Dave. I am wondering when saying Russia has no debit did Russia "inflated" the debt away by the multiple devaluation of their currency over the years or just took over CB and cancelled the debt?

So what’s the plan❓More bailouts for the Zionist banksters 🏦⁉️🤷‍♂️ Plan , plan , plan ❓🤦‍♂️ I want my bailout ‼️🤨