Wow, you really did put that right on the read wikipedia page. Ballsy man I love it!

Yup! Considering every single image of this actor is protected by copyright, I thought it might be interesting if someone in Seo's camp realized what kind of gains were being earned with the actor's likeness.

Awesome! 😂

But I also have to say that you're helping the notion that Wikipedia isn't scholarly. This is why we can't have nice things 😢

I cited my sources!!! as far as I know, this is totally legit!


Wowza!!!!! Thank you, kind sir!

that may be a long road... one day at a time is all one can do.

I missed this whole racism claim thing. That's absurd. I don't care what ethnicity @haejin is, he sucks haha.

I wonder how long it'll be before the actor sees his new Wikipedia edit. Maybe he'll come join us here

He's accused @hendrix22 of making racist memes, and me for being racist for sharing them. Racist against donkeys I guess? #FlagTheDonkey

He downvoted my whole blog & even MUSIC BEATS I made & said every meme was racist. Even a blonde joke one. He Flagged every meme here: @Wise-Confucius. Everything I post ends up being racist towards him in one way or another.

I have a theory about that, in fact more than a theory, only western people are going through this bs every minority is down trodden and must be protected bs, so if he is pulling the race card, he is from the west, and not in fact from where he claims to be, I have lived in Singapore, Bali, Hong Kong, Thailand etc and none of those countries have the western "racist" card mentality, not a single one, in fact Thailand people are openly racist to "everyone" I know, I lived there for 7 years. I think haejin is at ned and dans creation.

That's an interesting theory, and it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. I think you are right though, I've really only seen the "jump to racism" card from people of certain world regions

This made me laugh like a devil. ROTFLMAO! Thinking of adding more edits to Haejin's Wikipedia profile too, maybe on internet cafe since my IP address range is automatically detected by Wikipedia, and I am not ready yet to receive the ban hammer.

Might as well update his Everipedia page, if any. LOLOLOL

Well keep in mind this Wikipedia Page actually belongs to a well thought of South Korean Actor. I thought it would be interesting for someone in his camp to figure out that there was an internet character out here making a lot of money with Seo's likeness. Every image is under copyright, so they could, in theory come after Haejin for every penny earned using that image.

I would not make a point of making too many additional edits to this particular Wiki article. But if you have something worth taking the risk with, have at it!

That's probably why he recently changed that image. But's its too late. All those images are still on the blockchain. The @Haejin account is pretending to be someone it really isn't.

Maybe he think he is the king, thats is why he used a picture from "The KIngs Face" ?

@haejin are you the kings face of.. steemit?

high self steem there dude

why do you use someone else face in front of more than 25k followers?

When Seo arrives to steemit and see the donkey memes we are to tell him to talk to you @haejin

cant change the blockchain :)

omg that is so funny, it is 00.21 here, and I laughed so loud I woke the wife up lol. Nice work my friend.


Racism is the belief that a particular race is greater or lesser than another. You can hate particular members of a race without being racist.

Also, this is stupid.

Oh, and I love that actor.

Also, this is stupid.

Yes... Yes it is. But if we can't have some juvenile fun with this whole thing, then why bother??

Oh, I didn't mean the editing of the wikipedia edit. Yeah, that's dumb, but all in good fun. They might be mad about it though.

I meant the whole claim of racism.

With the backing of powerful allies on the platform, Haejin attained one of the highest recorded Reputations on Steemit ahahahha

wah there is a picture gif it is very interesting once if it is a romantic love of love. the image you created gif it ever i watch the movie. thank you for making me see the eye.

Silly me. With out reading or going through the complete article. I saved the first image and went to do a reverse google image search. In search i came across the actors show called "Drama Club: the Kings face. Then i searched for the name of the show's cast. Found out the name of actor and i then returned to this post to read further and type the name of the actor in the comment section just to find out that this post has already had done. It has already revealed the name of the actor.

Yupp happens when you are deep down in some sort of thought train.

Korean actor is very handsome. Nice post!

@haejin calling everyone a racist who is against him is the only card he can pull. That's all he's got. What else can he say that everyone else is doing? Nothing.

You are my hero, that's truly hilarious. I should show this to my fellow friends to make their day too!

Flagged this post.