Feet up For Caturday 😻😻

in caturday •  19 days ago 

Happy Caturday Cat People Of Steemit!

I hope you have your feet up relaxing through the summer heat!


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I still have the air condition one. It hasn't been too hot lately in this part of the world though. It's nice that the temperature has finally started going down a bit. We were having heat wave after heat wave for a while this summer.

Isn't it funny the positions in which cats will relax sometime. I think that one is asking for a belly rub. :-D

Happy Caturday!

Wow I am glad to hear your temperature is becoming more manageable. Yes it is funny the way cats sleep -
They are soooo good at sleeping ( or cat napping )
Have a great weekend! 🦋🌴🌈🍀😻

Cats sure know how to relax!

They really do!


Thank you

Very comfy! Your cats are growing quite long!! They are very cute too!

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They are very long yes! lol