Cute Caturday

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When you think of Saturday as Caturday, there must be cute photos of cats. And I am going to show you the gang living outside and they are sooo adorable.

Let me start with this black and white kitten. It has funny black mark on its nose.


Trying to say something.



Look at fhat cute face, you cannot resist but to give it some treat.
There is always food and water left for the cats.

Such a nice looking kitty. And behind another one approaches.


Suddenly I was surrounded by several cats.




And another one trying to talk to me.



They are all so adorable. They have the freedom to walk anywhere, climb the trees and play with their siblings. They are never hungry as there are many people feeding them.


Happy Caturday feline friends!


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Cute... cuter... cutest...

Awww, thank you.

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Omg they’re so cute!!!

Thank you 😀

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How sweet!! That is how I acquired my two cats! I fed them and they never left! :) Actually, they were born in my front garden years ago on Christmas Eve.

I always loved them a little bit more because I thought that was special. I love your little kitties and they all have the same eyes, so I bet they are related! They sure are adorable!

Have a happy and healthy new year!

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They must be really special being born on Christmas Eve. 😀
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These are all very nice photos! The first kitten is so cute and adorable.

It must be nice to have a bunch of cats roaming around freely like that.

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It is always fun to see them around. 😀

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Great looking kitties ... Good job getting the open mouth ones :-)