Cat Turd Day....... True Story

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Litter Igloos

So my Hooman.... "The KrazzyTrukker"
He goes in my poo igloo every day and steals my poo...! He scoops it into zip lock baggies. I wonder...? What does He do with it....?

He threw some of it into the entrance walkway of a whrs. One time where they took over 8 hrs to unload the trailer...... He said they treated truckers like shit. So we gave em some of mine...... He is so Crazy

Have your Cake...... and Eat it Poo

In 2013 KrazzyTrukkers Wife..... He calls Her Pooky..... She made him this very strange birthday cake. Chocolate Fudge Cat Poo, Grahm Cracker Crumble for Litter, and melted butter for pee.


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That is so awesome! Realistic too! Was it good? LOL . :)


Sooooo Gooood, but I had 2 close my eyes 2 eat it.... lol

So THAT'S what happens to our poo! I have been wondering!

That is a truly awesome cake! Such a thing could only happen in a place where the cats pretty much own the people!


Thanks, I will pass that on to Mrs Krazzy.

I sent 1 steem to @dustsweeper. Was that too much. Or not enough..?

Did that snow all melt.?

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At this point, you should be in really good shape! Here's your latest data:


Which should give you a good 60-70 "dust upvotes" before you need to refill.

The snow is pretty much gone now. The 4-foot high piles at the side of the driveway are down a couple of 12-inch deep soggy ice piles... good riddance, says I!

A symbol of true love.... You must have been all chocked up as it was going down... lol


Had 2 close my eyes, but it tasted & smelled Sooooo GOOD..! Imagine Graham Crackers & Chocolate Fudge. Almost like a Schmores kinda smell..... once i tasted how good it was, no problem.

I have tried to get my Wife to make another....... and everytime i clean a litter box i think of that cake.

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Careful when you're over tired from a long haul you forget the kitty litter isn't cake. Bon appetti


Thaaazzzz Riiight.... lol

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People are going to think that we were in cahoots together with these similarly titled @caturday posts. Probably the 'shittiest' posts of the day.

Nice Birthday cake by the way...your wife obviously has a unique way of showing her feelings for you...Lucky guy...(I think???)

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Hahaha! Love the cake!

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

ahahaha! oh man, now that is getting creative! Kudos to your wife for that one! lol.
Hey, where you at tonight?