It's Caturday time!

in caturday •  3 months ago

Hello everyone!

I'm back again for Caturday! My fluffy boy was having a wash on the hay bales and I took some photos of his meticulous process. He pulls the CUTEST faces. Oh I love him so much!





I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I did. He's so perfect in every way!

I hope you are all having a good weekend!


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Hey, good looking lion!

The last pic looks like he's trying to figure out the invisible creature pulling his tongue 😂


Hahaha I like where your mind is at!

OMG.... he is gorgeous!! What a character... and a cutie! No wonder you love him so much @gardeningchef. Our animals really teach us about unconditional love don't they! 🤗


Haha he is the most unique and characterful cat I've ever met - and I'm not just saying that because he's mine! He has so much love and attention to give, too. Such a cutie!

You are right about unconditional love - between him and my dog my heart is very full <3 that his tongue in the last pic...? Is he trying to catch a fly..


It is indeed! He was in the middle of spitting out a twig I think - he gets all sorts of hill debris stuck in his fur when he goes out for his morning hunt!

Love that 3rd photo, he looks like he is laughing! Beautiful cat, so fluffy!


Hahaha he does!! I couldn't stop giggling looking back through the photos. He's so full of character!

Gorgeous and cute! 😀


Haha he is!

OMG the cuteness is almost painful!!!! What a fluffster!! Happy Caturday @gardeningchef... superb photos! RESTEEMED


Right??!! I can't handle how cute he is sometimes. Glad you liked the photos!

What a lovely kitty cat. I like the three colors of his fur. Happy Caturday!


He is a very lovely boy. Thank you for your comment, happy caturday to you too!

That's a fine looking cat you have there! "Making faces" is definitely part of the grooming process, especially for longer haired cats!

Happy Caturday!


Haha it sure is! He's a very expressive fluffer :D

Wow so so so cute 😁😍

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Aww thank you @zpzn, he sure is bless him!

Awww! My goodness :) how fluffy and cute :) unbelievably cute haha:) I’m sure he loves you just as much as you love him 😀 have a great day x 🌅🌴


He's just the best @sunsethunter, I've never met a cat quite like him. We have a strong bond!

Hope you have a great day too :)


Upvoted and resteemed :D


Haha he is a magnificent being! Thank you for your U&R!

Such GREAT PHOTOS!!! We love em......

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Ah, thank you v much @krazzytrukker! I appreciate your love and support <3