Happy Caturday!

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Happy Caturday everyone!

I was looking through my photos and had to post some of my fluffy prince in honour of Caturday!

Hope you are all having a good weekend :)


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Awww love your fluffy prince 😻😻😻Resteemed


He's so lovable! Thank you for your resteem :)

Looks vicious :)
Have a great weekend @gardeningchef!


Really? That’s funny you say that as he is anything but... he’s a total cuddly sweetie!


I am sure he is!
It's probably the teeth that made me say that :)
(I was joking of course)


Haha I'll let you off ;)


hahahaha :D

He is just a cutie, I love his smooshed face. Is he a Persian blend?


I love his smooshed face too <3
He is a Himalayan Colourpoint crossed with Persian!

That is THE FLUFFIEST leg I have ever seen - what a wondrous beast!

Upvoted , preened and resteemed :D


Hahahaha he is super floooofy now it is winter <3 thank you for the U&R!