Happy Caturday!

in caturday •  4 months ago 


Hello everyone!

I'm back with my contribution to this week's Caturday... any excuse to get the camera out and shoot some photos of my favourite kitty. We went for a walk yesterday and these were the best photos from our excursion!


Hope you are all having a great weekend so far!


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Lovely cat!


Thank you, he’s the best!

Hello GC!
Wow - what a majestic cat - very intense stare he can give too - beautiful photography!

Upfluffed and resteemed :D


UPFLUFFED! Ha! Love that. He has an intense gaze indeed. Glad you liked the photos!!



Wow so much fluff!😆 Happy Caturday @gardeningchef RESTEEMED . 😻😻😻😻😻


It’s the time of year his fuzzy coat gets out of control before he has it all cut! Not long now :)

That face!


A very cute one! Haha

Cute beautiful.

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