Happy #Caturday!

in #caturday5 years ago

Dax is "Infinity Kitty" this #Caturday. She sits patiently in the bathroom waiting for me to brush her each morning. The expression on her face in this photo is magical and I wonder what she is thinking.

Happy #Caturday, everyone!


She is truly beautiful 😄

Kittyception. 😸

She really is Infinity Kitty, or Infinikitty.
Beautiful! =^..^=

Wow, Dax is so fluffy! ♥

The fluffiest. LOL!

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wonderful model !!!! What procedures do you do in the morning? combing your hair? :)))

Do you follow @kona #dailypetphotography? Check out the hashtag - your Dax is gorgeous, and would be in good company there. Plus, you have a chance at winning a little bit of Steem, and more eyes on your photos!

Smart cat. Love cats. Had many cats all my life. I'm in Shelton, near Seattle. From Oregon. I have gardens.

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