Just Noticed-It's Saturday (Caturday) Hmnnnnn...How Time Flies

in caturday •  2 months ago

Seems to me, that it was Saturday just a few days ago; I guess time passes quickly when your having 'fun' in this crazy world of ours.

Speaking about 'crazy', cat people are a whole lot less crazy than many of you think...but, you're entitled to your opinion; even if it's wrong :>)

Here's another pic or two from my personal files.

Mr. Reddy & Blacky My Two Stray Friends Who I've Been Helping Out for About Five or Six Years

It is a very rare site to see these two guys resting so close to each other; I was amazed to see them both perched together on the radiator in my Mud-Room warming up from the cold (I leave the pet door open for them)

The next two shots are how they usually hang out, when there at the same time

Hope your day is filled with smiles...

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Good to see that you've been taking care of them for so long. Everyone deserves a loving home :)


Thanks for visiting and commenting @ayushjalan .

Everyone deserves a loving home :)

You may be right, as long as those we invite in display 'love' in return and not disruptive :>)
These two guys finally trust me (after many years) enough to let me briefly pet their heads while I'm feeding them...(hand feeding them special treats)

They live/have lived a tough life out on the streets, so I'm kind of happy they remain cautious of humans...there are some very evil human-like creatures out there who'll do harm.


It makes complete sense of them to be so reserved even around you since they had been treated horribly by other humans in the past. But hey, at least you're making progress and slowly bonding with them. We need more people like you who adopt, rather than buy pets.


Yes, I'm not insulted by them taking a long time to fully trust me, not knowing how tough their earlier years might have been in a home or not.

Also, I think it's better for their safety when they still roam around now to retain a cautious nature around people...

They look pretty happy to have a warm spot... it's interesting how "friendly" cats can become when they have a warm spot (like the top of a heater) they have to share.



Usually they take turns atop the heater, depending upon who gets here first, or simply by choice. I have two pillows on the floor next to the radiator as an alternative warming spot.

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