It's 'Caturday' on Monday...(Because I feel Like It)

in caturday •  3 months ago

Here's a picture of my friend Mr. Blacky who has been visiting me for over five years. He and Mr. Reddy don't get along as well as I wish they would, but at least they seem to tolerate each other most of the time.

In any case...I've grown to love them both even though they are too afraid to let me pet them; even after all these years of giving them food, water and shelter from the storm...

Oh well...Such is life...


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If they are truly feral or "street" cats, building that trust can take a really long time.



Yes, I know @curatorcat thanks for responding. I think that Blacky had a home once, but was an indoor/outdoor cat, who's people moved away. I'm able to briefly touch him under certain circumstances, and I'm able to 'sneak' flea meds between his shoulder blades.

Mr. Reddy 'is' getting much more trusting of me than ever before...he lingers closer to me when he comes through the pet-door into my kitchen, and I'm able to spoon the food into a bowl for him right near his face...

Mr Reddy, might have never had human touch...