Yeow...My Cat Might be a Baby Snatcher???

in caturday •  5 months ago  (edited)

Well fellow feline friends, it's that day of the week once again to celebrate a kitty of your choice (can even be a photo from 'Pixabay') we Caturday people don't care how you choose to participate; at least in a 'positive' way.

Here's a shot I managed to capture some years back of a four week old kitten, babysitting a (probably) 4 day old baby that mama cat must have stolen from somewhere outside??? I Have no idea where this baby came from, winding up in my closet.


This is the second time my cat came home with someone else's kitten...I hope she's not a baby snatcher instead of a rescuer...!!!

Be Kind to Animals


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One time Gem brought a baby bird inside. She didn't kill it and was just walking around the house with it in her mouth.


Gem sounds like a sweet are fortunate to 'had/have' her by your side.


Oh my Goodness! Hopefully she found an abandoned baby rather than stole it. What happened to them?

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