Caturday Cats

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It is believed that the cat is less dependent on the person than the dog. In many cases it is really so and cats like to demonstrate their independence. But I must say that this rule only works until the cat gets in trouble. All their independence disappears immediately! This is especially true when we apeak about abandoned animals that are used  to be pets and loved ones.

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Another valuable post from you about animals. Thank you for your sharings

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Resteemed :-)


Thank you:)

Loooove cats -I have 3 and 2 of them just came here abandoned - They have wonderful personalities

Cats need love and attention, too! The ones in this house are quite dependent on their humans... I have just never been able to understand those people who'd abandon a pet animal like it was just a "thing."


They do value me, their provider :-)

Very cute little kitty! :)

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