Dusty's Birthday bash

in catsofsteemit •  3 months ago

Hey steemit friends .. look at my Dusty's birthday celebration ... I decorated his room n stitched a bowtie for me ... IMG_4940.JPG

He is a stubborn cat 😅 , because he wasn't ready to open his eyes while I was trying to take some good pictures of him .. after clicking thousands of pics It was hard to find some few where I could capture his picture with his eyes open.

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Happy Birthday Dusty! We cats tend to whatever we want... and when Hoomans want to play dress-up with us, we're not always into it... unless it was OUR idea!

Happy Caturday!


So true 😄😄😅😅 he can be so mischievous sometimes ... @Curatorcat


Happy caturday !!!

Happy birthday, Dusty!
What an amazing furry angel! 😍


Thank you so much @roxy_cat 😍😘

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