Adventures with cats! 1-31-2019

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Took the kitties to the vet for checkups this morning.

They yelled at me the whole way into town. But still, so cute too... Harley begged for head rubs the whole way in.

Tiger refused to get out of the carrier on his own and as soon as they were done with him, he went right back in.

Kimba was willing to explore but ready to leave pretty quickly.

And Harley had a great time exploring the vet office and meeting the vet and cuddling the vet's assistant.

I had promised to bring them by my office after the appointment so a few folks could meet the kitties. Harley immediately investigated every office and cubicle while Kimba and Tiger refused to leave the carrier and meet all the strangers. Pretty sure Harley wants to be an office cat now... so many people to cuddle!

We are all home now, Tiger had some blood drawn so he insisted on getting treats and then went to bed. He never yells for treats so I know he was mad about the vet. Kimba is wandering around looking out all the windows and playing with toys. And Harley has settled onto my lap and is purring away quite happily.

Happy Thursday!

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Aww. I could never get my cat in a crate to go to the vets, the vet had to come round to the house and chase him down!


We don't usually have much of a fight to get them in. All 3 love "caves" and boxes, so when I brought the crates in from storage last night, I left them open and not long after Kimba was nested into one quite happily.

Harley looks a little chubby. All cute :-)


She is down 1 pound on a new diet the kitties started around Christmas. Hoping to get her a little smaller this year. 😁


I have two mom cats that would be balloons if I didn't ration their food. :-)