Albus' New Bowtie.

in catsofsteemit •  3 months ago 

So, I bought #Albuskittydore his very first bowtie. He's not convinced it was a necessary purchase. In fact, he's not convinced it isn't kitty abuse. How's he supposed to reach the bell?!


And you know what? He's free to have such opinions. I, however, find him adorable.


Aaaaaaaargh, I can't stand the cuteness!!!


One more. Just one more.


Okay, and one gorgeous picture of #DragonKitty and Ella soaking up some winter sunshine, too. ❤❤❤


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Super cute @hickorymack, but sometimes we cats just don't quite understand the Hooman infatuation with dressing us up! We're already wearing completely beautiful fur coats!

Have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!

He's so cute in his bowtie! 😍

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AWWWWW Albus is so dapper! What a handsome fella!
I would totally get Yuan a bowtie if he would keep a collar - I mean, a beautiful necklace - on for longer than twenty minutes.
That's not an exaggeration, btw - that's his world record time of getting one off. :)