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Good Caturday afternoon everyone!

Well, it's official: The time to enter my Anniversary SBI Share Giveaway is over! The post and drawing was a HUGE success; there were 24 qualified entrants and the post itself ended up with 105 comments, making it a new personal record for "most engagement!"

Thank you so much to everyone who participated and gave support as upvotes and re-steems!

Time for the Big Announcement!

Bigger Rewards Means... MORE PRIZES!

In the original post, I promised to give away FIVE shares of Steem Basic Income; one each to five winners.

But because of the higher rewards level — thanks to some generous upvotes from influential community members — I decided to increase the prize fund to FIFTEEN shares of SBI; so 15 folks each get one!

Quick Recap and Qualified Entries

Just to recap: there was only one "rule" to qualify for the drawing... all you had to do was ask to be part of the drawing!

It's something I do to keep comment spammers who don't actually read posts out of the loop, and to distinguish "automated" comments from those left by real people (or cats!).

At the end (including a few that came in at the 11th hour) there were 24 qualified entrants. Here they are, in no particular order:


So, with 15 prizes for 24 people, that gives you a 62.5% chance of winning!

And the Winners Are:

Since 15 would be a lot of names to draw by the "Cat Treat Judging Method" pioneered by @phoenixwren, I instead resorted to the online Random Name Picker to do the heavy lifting. The following are just screenshot snippets:


If your name appears in the list above, congratulations! One share of @steembasicincome has been purchased in your name!

To everybody: Thank you for participating and helping make this event a success, and now worries, I intend to have more drawings and giveaways in the future!

Proof of SBI Transfers


Screen shot of Steem Basic Income's wallet feed, as of a couple of moments ago, showing receipt of funds for share purchases.

Proof of Curator Cat!

Well, that was a lot of fun, and a wonderful 1st Steemit Anniversary celebration!

Curator Cat was here!

I'm now going to be turning my attention to supporting the various "Minnow Building" initiatives I have mentioned a few times, which also means I will be powering up as much as possible for the foreseeable future.

Thanks to the success of this little anniversary celebration, I have managed to get to 364.937 SP, which is 72.98% of my goal to reach 500SP by the end of June.

After that, my next ambition will be to reach 1,000SP by the end of 2019. That one's a bit more dodgy, because that means a LOT of posting and engaging, but I think it can be done. And I think having goals and actually making them "public" can also serve as a great motivator to keep up!

In the meantime, I hope you all have an awesome remainder of your weekend!


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Congrats to the winners, and another happy Steemiversary to CC! We're glad you're here on the blockchain, representing kitty awesomeness! :)


It was a fun thing to do... contests and drawings are cool, and a great way to stimulate engagement!



I think so, too! I have been on a bit of a contest vacation - I need to make another one soon. :)

Thanks for the SBI share @curatorcat. It's much appreciated. 😊


You're very welcome @gillianpearce, and thanks for being part of the drawing! They all slowly add up, little drops in the bucket.


Much appreciated! Thank you and happy steemiversary again!


You're welcome @jamethiel, and thanks for being part of the festivities!


Thank you @curatorcat! This was so fun. All my kitties are grateful. I will make sure they all get treats later.


You're welcome @hippie-witha-gun, and thanks for participating, and for your support!

And... #blackkittensmatter!


Hey hey, thanks! Cheers and be well.

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You're welcome! I appreciate your participation... and have a great remainder of your weekend!


Great goals! And of course it's not cheating to buy the steem for sp!

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Indeed, not cheating! And I do have $50 worth of "invested" Steem in my account, so I do have the so-called skin in the game.


Miss Shasti and me are very grateful 🙏🏽

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Congratulations, and thanks for participating!


Thank you! Much appreciated! 😀
Have a wonderful day


You're welcome @nelinoeva! I appreciate your participation; have a great day!


Wooow cool...thanks @curatorcat

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You're welcome! Congratulations, and thanks for participating!


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Thanks for the heads-up @checky, corrected the typo.


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