The season's changes in the garden (Lots of photos!)

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It’s amazing how quickly the seasons change and it's interesting to see the seasons change in the plants and trees of the garden. So I thought it might be interesting to post a bunch of pictures showing the different seasons in the garden.

I was worried the number of photos would be too much for one post, but considering I decreased the size of all the photos a lot, it should not cause a big impact on loading time and bandwidth.

Over the two years we lived here, I took a lot of photos of the garden. Many times when it was cloudy, because I just love to photograph clouds and cloudy skies. Also, the photos are from different years, so things are looking different in some photos, like the small tree in the middle, which was destroyed more and more over the course of a couple of storms.


01 02 2019 340pm.jpg

01 23 2019 0824am2.jpg


02 22 2019 2pm.jpg


03 29 2019 527pm.jpg

03 03 2019 311pm.jpg


04 15 2018 124953.jpg

04 28 2018 Samantha Murli.jpg
Samantha and Murli


05 28 2019 944am.jpg

05 08 2019 529pm.jpg


06 04 2019 138pm.jpg

06 07 2018 522pm.jpg
Murli and Samantha


07 21 2019 1239pm.jpg

07 09 2018 941am.jpg


08 16 443pm.jpg

08 20 2018 340pm.jpg


09 11 2019 125pm.jpg

09 20 2019 Sonic Samantha.jpg
Sonic and Samantha


10 18 2019 1117am.jpg

10 24 2018 1036am.jpg


11 13 2017 102729.jpg

Sonic and Samantha.jpg
Sonic and Samantha, getting some sun in the kitchen. I carried them both inside from the balcony with the chairs, after they had been sunbathing out there for a bit. But it was just too cold despite the sun.


12 15 2018 0909am.jpg

12 2017 Samantha.jpg

We're not really used to the change from summertime to wintertime, after the clocks had to be changed on Sunday morning. Our inner clocks are still running on summertime. I wish they would finally stop daylight savings. It takes us a while to get used to the new time. I actually have an easier time adapting to the change for summertime than for wintertime.

The cats and I wish you all a lovely Wednesday!

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Oh, I love to see your garden changing each month and the cats taking advantage of the sun always. 😀
I also don't like that change of time and we (cats and dogs especially) cannot ajust to it, yet.
Dogs are used to go out at one and the same time and they do not care what the clock shows, what matters is their inner clock.

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