Bobi the Bad, disfigured, finds his "game face" when we let him outside + Scratching Posts

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So it isn't permanent, after all.

Bobi the Bad seemed to have a perpetual sneer after the vet removed his broken fang.
I still believe "Let well enough alone" - the tooth wasn't infected, wasn't bothering the cat, but the sutures and the loss of that second fang left him looking badder than ever.

Not his new permanent look after all?

Looking better now, Bobi!

He was neutered

before the pound handed him off to us, and that has to be a good thing. Imagine if Bobi the Bad were to meet up with Scary Mary and they spawned a litter of evil clone-hybrids!


is a better man than I am (er, cat-herder, person), and not just because he has so many cats, all trained to use those scratching posts.

We bought such devices. One would fail. The next would fail. The smell of factory-new wouldn't rub off even with our old socks.

Ah, but furniture. That old recliner. Our first trio of cats got to it because if I didn't catch them in the act with The Cat Blaster (a spray bottle of water) EVERY time, my mission was sabotaged. Consistency is all. Of course I couldn't let an old ruined chair go to the landfill without pillaging it for stuffing, fabric that remained intact, and the padded FOOT REST, which came pre-scented for Bobi the Bad, who loves it on the basement window sill.

Scratching seems to be unstoppable, and New Surfaces must be sat upon by the Cat. Just ask Scary Mary.

All right. One look at a face like that and I see why we humans are so enslaved.

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I have been so busy that I have hardly spent any time on Steem - and totally missed your sweet article you posted as the Freewrite House. Thank you!
And always remember that you are doing tons!! You are supporting so many people and your comments are epic!

Sending you lots of love!!

I'm sooo glad you simply missed that one; I was worried you thought it a case of poor judgment on my part to post a summary of someone else's post, even though I also included a Shout-Out for some of us who seem to do little. Thank you for the kind words! I will never feel I'm doing "enough," which morphs into me all too often choosing to do nothing, because .... the old spiral. @fitinfun will know what I mean.

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