Wonkers is Bonkers - asciicats

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To enjoy click the pic for full 4K on a 4K monitor - (link to cloudinary , 100% safe)

it looks a bit like huh-dafuk ??!? lo-fi but steemit resizes all imagery to 640x and keeps it on its own servers , some liability thing i suppose but mostly , base64encoded graphics stored on an ever increasing blockchain ... that wouldnt be too ... etc

(naw 4K !!!! it wont show otherwise :) )

well - its not like im a wizard64

but thanks to stuff like blender and gimp a guy who cant draw stick figures with a pencil can actually express whats in its head sometimes now

--- i thought something was wrong with my ticker yesterday (i wrote one for another post-type) when i saw SBD AT $10 ???!? --- like dafug! why didnt i keep all sbd over four years ?

well why didnt i ?

maybe no one remembers but the original idea (and its still named that) was a stablecoin dubbed "Steem Backed Dollar", so it would never GET that high

a lot of people must be losing hair now lol

... i almost could buy that $100 dollar in catfood i been saying to get since ubasti started , tsk ...