Temple of the Cat : easy does it

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  • not pushed in your face with PYthoncat ... but it probably will be (i don see any defense against willy-nilly where 1 account out of 1 million is all it takes that warrants no effort as the only solution is 'to have more money'
    so ... dont tell me i didnt do or try enough, dont tell me i didnt spend enough, all i got was shit from fucking yuppies :)

and a few good men and women

Pets are not toys ... if they dont come before you, like children should too, don't "have" them ... they're not for having , they're for friends ... family if you like, .... the type that never lies to you
same as ever, once i get $100 worth of steem or SBD in savings i use that to buy food for the local cat shelter, no rush, no promo and

at these rates

not in this lifetime ? (ihavent withdrawn anything on any account in two years, more than two years and all ive seen is every cent i put into it evaporate but lol well ... it's still cheaper than going to the movies once a month , and face it : you wonr't get that kind of circus or drama in any theater as what you can get here :)