The great escape...

in cats •  2 years ago

Hello Steemians, this is my cat Wilson and he's a real escape artist.


He loves to be outside in the garden but we are afraid that he goes to the streets so we only take him outside if we are with him. But this not always works. His specialty is opening the screens.

On his way to freedom! My other cat Olive just takes advantage of Wilson's work and follows.


Thanks for following guys,

Cheers and keep it juicy!😼

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What a little rascal! Always keeping you on your toes. Makes ya think what else these buggers are capable of. My cat is quite the escape artist himself, but once he makes it outside he is so frightened with everything he runs right back inside haha.


Haha, that's easy. No we have to look for him for hours that's why i build a tower to block the screens.😂