pretty sweet view you got yourself there. This your house?

Amazing view alright. Looks like waking up to paradise.

Dan you’re simply friendly to your world, nature is wonderful, with Steem we can make this planet earth better!

Yes, we call you Dan!

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Cats are one of my fav animals to have around. A dog is seriously to much work lol.

That altcoin bottom might be in but dang I feel like 80% of them are going to end up dead with the market caps removed from them.

Not sure if the hard fork for steem will do much I believe that is set to release end of month or was it end of September?

Hopefully there are some big players once SMT come out but I expect that 2020 now.

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They so cute

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a moment of harmony. Blue sky, clear water, playing pets, atmosphere of relax and happiness. You've caught a great peaceful moment.
is it your cats? I can imagine how noisy is your home at night when they are running, or they are extraordinary cats who sleep at night and let their masters sleep?:)

That is great friendship, by the way I do not know which of the cat will pick the item first! This is very interesting friendship.

Oh man that view... Is that Florida?

Very cute cat's I liked @theycallmedan

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heheh so cool enjoy

Your friends are so sweet! My favourite cat style is the Sphinx :)

Photoshop the picture to night time and replace the feathered toy with a disco ball and you have two cats dancing at the club. Hahaha

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They are beautiful. If they get the timing right, will you share? 😹😻

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Woah! The view is wonderful.

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You are lucky to have the cats like them.

It's really fun to mess with a cat.!

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@theycallmedan, Altcoins trying to catch the Bitcoin. 😁

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I am leaning towards the idea we are in uncharted water now. With the continued push on regulations in the US, not just on crypto, but fiat as well, the uncertainty coupled with actual negative actions against both makes knowing what is what impossible to know.

I would guess it is more of a gamble now than it has been, and within 1 to 2 years many of the shit projects (and some of the not so shit projects) will find themselves non tradeable in the US, as well as their partner countries. To further complicate, I foresee them clamping down on all transactions that do not go through their approved means of documenting/fleecing. They have been doing that with everything else (including currency). I figure once they have those who are not looking to escape paying Caesar his coin, they will focus the rest of their intent on those trying to remain in the shadows.

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