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Hello Steemers, today I bring you very important information about your furry friends the kittens:

It is known for sure that cats are souls that go free and independent in the world, but they also need a friend to take care of them and feed them, ''attention '' the personality of a cat can vary depending on its astrological sign ( If cats also bring their astrological sign when they are born, really everything).

  1. Cats can transport AIDS: If cats have AIDS, or not all, since those at home are less likely, the most prone to suffer this terrible disease are street cats, they get infected when they have fights with other infected cats that are street, I am not saying that they do not adopt, can pick up a cat from the street and take it to the nearest veterinary hospital to do the relevant tests to see if your friend is not infected, this disease as toxoplasmosis can to be transferred to the human by mucous secretions, urine and by the po-po of his partner.

  2. Black cats are not bad luck: In ancient Europe it was believed that if a cat crossed your path and it was black this would give you bad luck, since it was said that they were the pets of witches, fortunately this became a cliche and many people adopt a black cat. Black-cat-marvelous-hd-wallpaper.jpg

  3. They were guardians of tombs in Egypt: There was a belief that in ancient Egypt the cats chased away the evil spirits of their masters when they died, so that they would not take anything from their treasure.

  4. They are currently protectors of the most expensive paintings in the world: Yes protectors, they are in Russia and located in the Hermitage Museum, this museum is on the banks of the river Neva, the cats are fed and concetidos by those in charge of the museum, they take care of the of mice they do not destroy or hurt the valuable works.

  5. The natural temperature of a cat is 100.4 ° F: they are super warm, if you feel that your cat is too hot just look for a thermometer and measure its temperature, that is, if your cat have 104 ° F its temperature is a bit high (if it is wrapped in a blanket, do not worry, it heats up on its own) of course if it is not wrapped take care that your cat is not getting sick from some cat virus (cat leukemia, penleucospienia, feline immunodeficiency, feline flu, feline chlamydia, rabies, among many others)

  6. Cats eat their children instinctively: They and their instinct are 1, when they were wild cats, to protect the litter from natural predators, the cats ate their kittens (sounds horrible but it is natural), since they could have been born with some deadly disease or they had been born deformed, this is also what the cats do so that their children do not suffer.

  7. 😊Cats and dogs do not hate each other: I personally have had many, really many cats and 5 to 10 dogs, these have coexisted well during the time, since cats are raised with dogs from a very young age and They have never been bad, another thing is if you put a big cat with a big dog (those 2 are going to kill each other)

  8. 🐈Cats learn tricks: They are also very smart, they can open doors not very heavy of about 1 pound and 1.63 oz, they learn where to do their needs, they know how to call you for their food, they can learn to give you the paw, they can learn a endless tricks, but that if, is achieved with dedication and effort.

  9. Their mood depends on the position they adopt: This is very important since they communicate through whatever their position, I will say several, if it puts you to see your belly this one has confidence in you, if your fur is bristling is scared, be careful with this position as there may be something in your house, if you give light hits with your head is that he love you, if your tail is shaken suddenly is that you do not want to do anything else the he is annoying, if he bites you softly he wants to play with you, just as there are many more positions that a friend of the cats has to learn.

  10. If you do not see that he is constantly being cleaned, he is sick: Your cat may be sick since for them the first It's your cleaning, the animals most accurate in he cleaning is the cats, if you do not see that he takes a bath with his tongue or you see that they are very covered in dirty, run with him to the vet as this can be a deadly disease for them.

Extra: They were treated like gods in ancient Egypt, and they still know it.😉

Friends I hope this information helps you a little to take better care of your cats, between health and curiosities you know a little more every day, thanks for reading and taking care of your friends.

'' Some angels do not have wings.
They have 4 paws, a hairy body and a ball nose, attention ears and an international love "
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A cat's brain is more similar to a man's brain than that of a dog.