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Mama has an appointment today at 3:15 today to get her ear stiches removed..

Been really cruel having the plastic cone around her head. Had to get a cat brake-away collar to hold the cone in place. It was originally held in place with stretchable gauze. Mama could easily push it off with her "hands".
The plastic cone has 3 size positions that snaps it together. I was using the smallest position at first with the gauze but Mama forcing it over her bad ear was making it all red. Then she would scratch it with her hind "hand".. Not good...
Put it in the middle slot with the new cat collar. Making the adjustable collar snug kept it on...


Cruel and unhuman punishment


Mama is a bit of a Munchkin, Short legs and a short snout.. Hard for her to reach the food with the collar.. I take it off for her to eat. Then let her lick, groom a bit afterwards... Cats are clean animals and not letting them lick themselves is a real cruel thing.. Like "water boarding" without the water..



At least with the cone on Mama gets her favorite spot back from Scary Mary...


First post of Mama's ordeal ...