Grapthar's Daily Cat Photos! Some Nice Purrtrait-Mode Shots of the Gang!

in #cats3 months ago

I didn't get any group photos today, but when I reviewed all the photos on my computer, I wound up with some great portrait-mode shots. The first one below of Blaze didn't look great earlier when I took it, but is SO much more crispy than I thought. Both of his shots are really way better than I knew at the time. Cleo gave me a few shots too, along with a combo shot with Blaze. I only managed one shot of Tiger, later in the evening, but it turned out good, so can't complain.

Enjoy the photos!

Blaze, mid-lick.


A fresh loaf of cat-bread.


Sleepy Tiger, needs his eye-goop cleaned.


Cleo passed out, enjoying the new, soft carpet.


A very regal Blaze.


Curly Cleo.


Blaze and Cleo, enjoying some sun.


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Ohhh the boys are still here and looking fine!! As cute and endearing as Tiger and Cleo are, Blaze still triumphs and steals my heart every time. Esp. this one:


#Blaze!! I love you!!!!!

still here, going strong!

@carolkean! Someone I have not seen around these parts in a long time... hope life is treating you well!

It's been a while!!
Good to see the familiar names and faces again!
Hope you're all well, too. Covid, Quarantine, Steemit shifting to Hive, it all hit at once - and then I was laid up with vertigo for months. Along with an epic, historic derecho. But we go on. :)

The brood is still looking very fine! Blaze is such a fine cat, but then I always have had a weakness for orange cats!

I'm sorry I never saw this! Me too, I love his coat.