Grapthar's Daily Cat Photos! Random Tuesday Cat-Photo Dump! Whole Bunch o' Tiger!

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Tiger was the star today, letting me get a TON of shots of him, in all kinds of new places (anywhere besides his typical tunnel spot is cool with me, lol). Blaze spent all afternoon sleeping in his carrying-case, on a high shelf in the closet, and Cleo in her new favorite spot, the highest point of the new Cat Tree. I barely managed the photos of her, had to climb up on a chair to reach her, lol. Enjoy!

Tiger rolling around.

5tiger box 2.jpg

Blaze in the closet.

6blaze closet.jpg

Cleo in the sun.


Tiger again.

4Tiger Box.jpg

Cleo close-up on her perch.


And another shot of Tiger.


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Hi @grapthar,

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Is Blaze trying to suggest a little trip? :-)

haha I was wondering that, I think he feels safe in the corner, in a case, in the dark of the closet. Maybe he is looking forward to the next vet visit, he likes the doctors there.