Grapthar's Daily Cat Photos! Purrtraits on Purrtraits on Purrtraits! Plus, Group Photo, and Kenji on My Car!

in #cats3 years ago

I managed to get quite a few shots today, Blaze and Tiger were surprisingly accomodating and posed very nicely. Cleo was hiding out behind a chair, but I did wind up with 1 useable shot of her, haha. I also found Kenji napping away on the hood of my car, so I had to include that! Enjoy!

Tiger lookin' good.


Blaze wanting to be brushed.


Cleo hiding out.


Group photo, can you spot them all?


Kenji on the car.


Tiger looking very majestic.


Blaze napping with some toys.


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Is that Cleo in the middle by the chair? :-)

haha yeah, behind the rocking chair hiding out!

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