Grapthar's Daily Cat Photos! Purrsday Purrtraits of the Gang!

in #catslast month

Today was a decent day for portrait-mode shots, particularly of Tiger and Cleo. Blaze made things SUPER difficult, and I only got a single shot today, so I included an alternate photo from yesterday, haha. I got Tiger's tongue in two shots, which is a rare thing, once with a big yawn, and once while he was licking his lips. I also got some shots of Cleo and Tiger in frame together, one with portrait-mode that turned out pretty good.

Enjoy the photos!

Cleo in the window.


Tiger, licking his lips.


Blaze, refusing to look.


Tiger mid-yawn.


Tiger and Cleo hanging out.


Blaze, alternate shot from yesterday since I couldn't get more today.


Tiger lookin' super chill.


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