Grapthar's Daily Cat Photos! Middle of the Week Shots of the Guys!

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Not much news from Cat City. It's been nice and sunny everyday, so the cats have been taking advantage and sleeping away the days. I did get some nice shots today, though once again Blaze made it very difficult. I followed him around again for two or three minutes, before finally getting two shots in a row, both of which are below. I very nearly got a group shot, though Cleo ran off, so only Blaze and Tiger wound up in the photo.

Enjoy the photos!

Blaze on his giant cardboard thingy.


Tiger, on a much smaller cardboard thingy.


Cleo, on a totally different thingy.


Blaze, a dude with an attitude. Cleo's butt photobombing.


Tiger and Blaze.


Cleo, scratchin' away.


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