Grapthar's Daily Cat Photos! Mid-week Shots of the Gang!

in #cats8 months ago

Today was quite the day for cat photos! Once again, the gang was upstairs in the front room, and I managed to get two group photos, and a couple cat combos, including the rarest of all combinations, Cleo and Tiger together, in two shots! I was really surprised to find them together in the window, without Tiger picking on him, so I had to get it on film.

Enjoy the photos!

Group shot 1! The gang in their beds.


Blaze and Tiger.


Blaze VS. Tiger!


Group shot in the window!


Cleo and Tiger together.


Cleo and Tiger again.


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Very cool, you got all three of them together, in their beds! As we say around here: "The Cat traps are working!"


haha thats great, i'll have to start calling them that. they definitely do the job of a trap perfectly.