Grapthar's Daily Cat Photos! Mid-Week Photos of the Gang! Loads of Good Shots!

in #cats2 months ago

Today was quite a good day for cat photos, particularly of Tiger. He was walking around in the living room, sitting on various cardboard items that now litter the floor, posing on each one for me before moving on to the next one... I think my model training is working on him! Not so much for Blaze or Cleo, lol. Blaze was hidden away in the closet for much of the afternoon, though I did find him his box downstairs at one point, which made for a nice photo. Cleo was upstairs in the sun, avoiding all this photo shenaniganery.

Enjoy the photos!

Tiger on Blaze's throne.


Blaze in a box, Tiger approaching from the rear.


Cleo in the sun.


Blaze and Tiger, bird's eye view.


Tiger mid-chirp.


Cleo curled up.


Tiger, still on the throne.


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