Grapthar's Daily Cat Photos! Lazy Tiger, Sleeping Blaze! Also, Cleo Ponders the Mysteries of Life!

in cats •  4 months ago

Not a lot of action in the house today, mostly just cats sitting around and/or napping, but they happened to do so in good lighting, so I managed a few nice shots! All 3 of them have been pretty good about pictures lately, so hopefully that continues, I like it haha. Enjoy today's photos!

Tiger chillin' out.


Blaze napping.


Cleo, looking out the window, thinking about the universe.


Tiger, just waking up.


Blaze, approaching Tiger with caution.


And lastly, Blaze, rolling around.


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They are very cute I love their eyes they have a lot of compassion and happiness in them.


They definitely do! Lotta Love!

Damm adorable