Grapthar's Daily Cat Photos! Lazy Sunday Photos of the Crew!

in cats •  3 months ago 

I wasn't able to get a ton of photos today, the cats spent a lot of time in closets/under blankets/in generally dark places lol, but they did come out after dinner time, so I took advantage and got some individual shots. I also found Cleo and Blaze staring outside, I think looking for Kenji... I forgot to mention this earlier, Kenji left for the summer, her owners went up to their house in Idaho, so she'll be gone until September or so. I think they miss her, haha. Enjoy the photos!

Close-up Cleo.


Tiger on the tile, coolin' off.


Napping Blaze.


Cleo and Blaze hoping to spot Kenji.


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Beautiful Cleo photo, really caught her eyes :-)

yea super HD cat eyeball!

Hi @grapthar,

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