Grapthar's Daily Cat Photos! Happy Caturday to All Steemians!

in cats •  5 months ago

The cats didn't do much Caturday celebrating, unless you count sleeping and sunbathing, which I definitely DO! They also all 'posed' long enough for me to get some shots using portrait mode, which always come out better than regular photos on the phone. Enjoy!

Tiger spying on the neighbors.


Cleo in the window.


Blaze, hangin' out.


Cleo, naptime.


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Beautiful life of the cats in the world they bring us happiness, and yours look incredibly happy in the climbing post.


Yes they bring a lot of it!

Happy belated Caturday to all! At least they had a sunny day for it... around here Caturday was mostly rainy and dreary, so the end result was a massive amount of napping...



Sun or rain, cat naps are always in order!