Grapthar's Daily Cat Photos! Everyday is a Lazy Day for the Cats!

in cats •  4 months ago

No news to report from the wide-wide-world of Cats, just another day of lazy cats sitting around the house. They have all become a lot more active at night over the last few weeks, not sure why, but I hear them throughout the night as cabinet doors open and shut, and they sprint around, lol. Enjoy today's photos!

Basket-master Tiger.


Cleo sleeping in a weird position.


Catscratch Fever.

tiger scratch.jpg

Blaze cleaning his finger-toes.


And Cleo again, majestic-queen of the window-spot.


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They seem to have personalities and interests all their own I am liking the photos, it must be a joy to have animals inhabit their domain.

lol , cats are not lazy i have a neighbour where she has a cat , her cat is very sharp and active , but you maybe right , all humans and cats might be lazy lol


haha well, these guys are lazy during the day. At night, they become olympic athletes.

Yes, cats are always very "busy." Particularly at times when the Hoomans are sleeping... or trying to. I like that shot of Tiger in the basket!



Yeah they all love that basket. I sometimes use it to transport them around the house, lol.

cute cat