Grapthar's Daily Cat Photos! Battle at Cat Tower! Plus, Tiger Lazying About!

in cats •  2 months ago

All 3 of the cats have fallen in love with the new cat tower, often spending the entire night sleeping there. However, there are only 2 perches on the top levels, and 3 cats, so obviously this has resulted in some battles. By battles, I mean Cleo laying down on top of Blaze until he gets so annoyed he leaves the spot to her, haha. Also, got some cute close-ups and a portrait of Blaze sleeping today. Enjoy the photos!

Blaze, sleep-lord.


Tiger, being a fatty.


Cleo attempting to force Blaze to move. Notice his annoyed look.


Tiger close-up.


Cleo, looking very angelic.


Tiger and Blaze took the tower, but Cleo got the high ground.


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Wow beautiful photography ...!


Thank you very much!

And Cleo takes the high ground! I wonder if the dynamic would change if there was a cushy cat bed on top of that bookcase...



We have thought about putting a bed up there actually haha. I think I'll do it tomorrow, see if they will use it. They tend to not sleep in their beds, just use them to hang out lol.