Grapthar's Daily Cat Photos! Another Lazy Sunday of Lazy Cat Photos...

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Not much action today from the cats; it was a very hot day again, so they were pretty lazy for most of it. I did manage a group shot, though the cats were all pretty far away from each other, so I also had to get far away from them to get them all in frame, haha. But, it counts, they're all there! I also got some nice portrait-mode shots, though not of Tiger, who initially wouldn't move from a corner (portrait-mode sucks in corners, without a background to blur), and then moved to a dark spot in a room after dinner, where photographing him didn't really work. Cleo and Blaze sort of wound up being the featured acts today, totally by chance, but they let me get some nice photos too, so can't complain.

Enjoy the photos!

Cleo and Blaze awaiting food.


Tiger guarding his paper-bag handle.


Cleo watching some birds outside, while getting some nice sun.


Blaze looking good on his paper pile.


Super lazy Cleo, smooshed into the couch.


Blaze, not looking at the camera, and causing the phone to focus the center of the portrait-mode on his ear, lol.


Cleo, lazy and squishy.


Far away group shot.

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