Grapthar's Daily Cat Photos! Caturday Photos!

in #catslast month

I didn't get as many shots today as I have for the last few, which was a bit disappointing since it is Caturday, but I think all the shots wound up coming out great. I was able to use portrait-mode for quite a few of them, in some pretty good natural lighting. Summer is ending (still hot here lol), so the sun is slowly going to be a little more reasonable in the daytime, which I hope will mean more high quality portrait-mode shots!

Enjoy the photos!

Tiger, lazy-mode on.


Cleo mid-lick.


Blaze, sleeping in the sun.


Tiger, back to the bag.


Cleo, returning to their old square beds.


Blaze, licking Tiger before a battle.


Cleo up close.


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