Cats In Hats - Happy Caturday!

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I had my kitties model a project I just completed! It's a sneak peek of my Needlework Monday post. ;) Don't they just look so happy being models for the tiny hat!


Actually both kitties were purring like crazy and not bothered at all by the hat. Perhaps they liked having their ears warmed up by the cozy hat? This is White Kitty and she is usually a loner with a quiet, delicate purr that she shares with a select few. My daughter loves her and has claimed her as her own!


These kitties were both enjoying a nice nap on my daughter's bed in a quiet room when I snuck in and put this hat on them. I just knew it would be too cute, but I didn't expect them to be okay with it! Check out Orange Kitty. Even he is happy!


Orange Kitty is a good natured cat with a super loud purr. His favorite place to hang out is on my bed since it's a really quiet room too. He seemed to enjoy having the soft hat on his head for a few minutes too!


We believe that these two are brother and sister as we adopted them from an organization when we moved here over a year ago. They sure have different personalities, but we love them!

Cats in hats. Purrrrrrr!

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They look so happy. I can almost hear them purr. 💖

I'm amused by the fact that the cat is actually wearing a hat.

So cute! My daughter has 2 cats and only one of them likes her to put costumes on him! The other one not so much! My own cat, you can just forget about trying to put anything on that kitty!

Hat in Cat....make cats more adorable...👌

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ha ha ha you made me laugh :)))) your cats are charming !!!! hat is suitable for both :)))

Haha, they seem to enjoy having that hat on :) Cats probably enjoy everything that gives them a little bit of extra warmth.

Awwww so cute! I’m not a cat lover but this post made me smile. I’m in a slight battle with my MIL’s cat that I’ll have to share later lol! I can’t wait to hear more about these knitted hats!! I’m guessing that you made these?!!!!!! 😃 So Cute!!!!!

Update: I just reread the first did make these!!

Awwwww... The orange kitty looks like he's super comfortable with that little hat!

I think if I tried that on my neighbor's cat, I would end up in the ER. He visits me frequently and even managed to break a dish the last time he managed to dart through the door.

They have Rex cats, though, because they're hypoallergenic. In the winter, they could probably do with an entire woolen suit to keep their hairless hides warm!

This is just adorable! My son was watching The Cat in the Hat cartoon while I was reading this. I shown him the photo he said: "The Cat in the Hat doesn't look too naughty in real life." ;-)

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